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Stray Kids Fans Raise Concerns About Lee Know's Styling

Dec 29, 2023Dec 29, 2023

Stray Kids have recently made a triumphant return with their highly anticipated comeback ★★★★★ (5-STAR).

In addition to loving Stray Kids’ catchy songs on the albums, fans are especially enjoying the powerful stages for the title track "S-Class."

skz's energy is just Crazy,,,, the way they exude such stage presence is really cool and only they can pull of their stages

— 리노's 5★ sous chef (@skizluvr) June 2, 2023

Fans are loving the group's impressive vocals…


— nat ◡̈ (@GOLDENSEUNGS) June 4, 2023

And captivating dance.

This part of the S-class choreo in 4K 🥵🔥⭐️

— 5-STAR OUT NOW ★★★★★ SKZ News (@skznewsupdates) June 4, 2023

And while fans generally like the group's styling for their stages thus far…

s-class is their best styling yet omg… let's keep this up!

— ho ho hoku ★ (@funkylino) June 4, 2023

Some fans have raised concerns about Lee Know‘s outfit.

Lee Know's first stage outfit for "S-Class" gained attention for the unexpected censoring of the cat "Sprinkles," which made fans laugh.

But now another of Lee Know's outfits has gained attention as fans voice their concern for his safety.

During the "S-Class" choreography, Lee Know does a powerful kick that the talented dancer makes look effortless.

But during one of the group's stages, Lee Know stumbled, possibly due to the shoes he was wearing. Fortunately, Lee Know doesn't seem to be hurt.

After seeing the clip, fans hope Stray Kids’ stylists will work to ensure Lee Know's safety with comfortable shoes for him to dance in.

Although other fans pointed out that Lee Know could have stumbled because the camera was too close, which is something they believe the music broadcasts need to work to prevent.

And some fans suggested that the choreography should have been changed for the group's live stages, finding a safer alternative.

What are your thoughts?

You can watch the video here.

Knowing hoe Lee Know is, he thought about it the whole day #Leeknow #Lino #stratkids #Skz

♬ original sound – Love da little angel

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