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Nov 09, 2023Nov 09, 2023

By Jon | on June 08, 2023

BARBERTON: Officers determined a man walking in the road April 30 was wanted on a warrant. The Sixth Street Northeast man, found with methamphetamine, was taken to the Barberton City Jail.Police responded to a Wooster Road North business April 30 after someone broke a window near the drive-thru. A witness told police they saw a man throw something at the window. Officers located that man nearby and he admitted to throwing a brick through the window because he was upset about his order. The man was charged with criminal damaging.An Iowa Place woman told police May 1 a man who came to her residence threw her around, causing her to hit her side on the edge of the counter and her head on the floor. The Brown Street man was charged with domestic violence.A man reported May 1 a truck driver made an abrupt lane change and struck the rear end of his vehicle. Officers were able to use a camera system to identify the other vehicle involved and spoke with the driver, a Creedmore Avenue man who admitted to being involved, and he was charged with criminal damaging and cited for hit/skip and driving under suspension.An East Huston Street business owner reported May 1 someone entered and ransacked the office areas. It was not known if anything was taken.A woman called May 2 to report a verbal argument with a man who left but later returned and was sitting on the front porch. The Vicgross Avenue man was charged with criminal trespassing.Police were called to a Wooster Road North business May 2 for a man who concealed food and clothing in his pants and left without paying.A Wooster Road North business reported May 2 a large sign had been cut and torn into pieces.Police called to a 17th Street Northwest home for loud music May 2 spoke with a man who said he would do his best to keep it down. Officers were called back later that day for loud music and charged the man for making the noise.Officers responded to an East Hopocan Avenue home for a dog running through area yards May 2. The owner of the dog told police he was having trouble keeping the dog contained and was cited for having a dog at large.A Wooster Road North business employee reported May 3 a man stole a blanket. When the employee tried to stop the person, the man pushed her and fled.A Seventh Street Northwest man was charged with misuse of 911 May 3 after he called 911 several times and did not report a crime or emergency. He had been charged with the same offense April 6.Police stopped a driver May 3 for having expired plates and determined the driver had a warrant for driving under suspension. The Grandview Avenue woman was taken to the Barberton City Jail.Police were called to a 24th Street Northwest home May 3 for a loose dog. The owner, a woman, was cited for having a dog at large. She was cited for the same violation in May 2022.Police were called to a Norton Avenue business for a juvenile who broke the glass out of the front door May 3. The juvenile told police he was throwing rocks and hit the door by mistake. He was charged with criminal damaging.Officers were called to a Wooster Road North store for a woman placing items in her purse May 3. The woman gave officers a false name at first. Police determined she had a warrant out of the Wooster Police Department and charged her with theft.Police stopped a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Sixth Street Northwest May 5 and spoke with the driver. They noticed an odor of alcohol and located a half empty bottle of vodka on the front passenger seat. The 19th Street Northwest man failed field sobriety tests, was charged with OVI and for having an open container and taken to the Barberton City Jail.A South Van Buren Avenue woman reported May 5 a man she has a protection order against violated it. Police charged the man with the violation after he admitted to doing so.A man riding a bike with no lights on it at night May 6 fled from police but was later located. They determined the man had a warrant out of the Portage County Sheriff's Office and was turned over to that department.A man reported May 6 he was working a compensation case when another man came up to his vehicle and got angry with him. Officers reviewed a video of the incident of the man making threats and hitting the driver's side corner panel of the car, causing a dent, and charged the Noble Avenue man with criminal damaging.A Grandview Avenue man called May 5 to report a dog was on his property while he was having a tree cut down. He said his neighbor would not move his dog and kept saying the property was his. The neighbor, a Grandview Avenue man, was found to have a warrant and was taken to the Barberton City Jail.A First Street Northwest man reported May 6 someone broke his passenger vehicle window with a piece of concrete.An East State Street woman reported May 6 a vehicle crashed into a retaining wall and fled.After seeing a large open fire May 6 in a Snyder Avenue backyard, police talked to a woman there who said she was cleaning out the house and burning unneeded items. The woman was cited for open burning and the fire department put out the fire.Police were called to a Bureau of Motor Vehicles testing office May 6 for a woman causing a disturbance and threatening an employee. The Girard Street woman was charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct and taken to the Summit County Jail.Officers were called May 7 to a Wooster Road North business for four juveniles on the roof. All four were charged with criminal trespassing and turned over to their parents.A 10th Street Southwest business owner reported several packages were stolen between May 6 and May 8. The man said he saw a man and a woman May 7 walking through his yard carrying a ladder. Officers identified the man and woman and charged them both with criminal trespassing.A student at Barberton Middle School reported May 8 someone stole her Apple Watch from the bleachers in the gym. Surveillance video was reviewed and a student seen taking the watch was charged with theft.A West Waterloo Road business owner reported May 8 someone pulled up in a moving truck and dumped trash in a metal hopper. Police contacted the company the truck was rented from and spoke with the woman who dumped the trash. She told police she did not realize dumping trash was a crime. The Munroe Falls woman was charged with theft of services.A Graceland Avenue man reported tools were missing from his truck May 9.A Barber Road school teacher reported May 10 there was a strong odor of marijuana in her classroom. A student found with marijuana and a lighter in her backpack was charged with possession of marijuana.A man called police May 10 to report another man stole a bike at the intersection of Wooster Road North and West Huston Avenue. Officers located the man who took the bike and he denied stealing any bikes. He was found with a green toy pistol in his pocket, charged with theft and taken to the Barberton City Jail.A Wooster Road North employee reported May 10 a woman has been stealing cash and merchandise with a total value $228. The Iona Avenue woman was charged with theft and banned from the store after admitting to doing so.An Ethics Court man reported May 10 a woman is harassing him via text messages. The man said the woman is not permitted on his property but she continues to text him. Police issued a warrant for telecommunications harassment against the woman.A Wooster Road North gas station employee reported May 12 a man took several items and left without paying for them.

COVENTRY: Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies investigated damage to a mailbox and posts on Wagoner Street May 26.A Nancy Avenue woman reported her wallet containing personal documents, debit cards and a vehicle title was stolen from a vehicle outside her residence May 26.A South Plaza Drive woman reported May 28 her neighbor's dogs were running loose and behaving aggressively. Deputies advised a woman who was caring for the dogs that if they were not confined she would face charges.An Akron man reported May 28 his gun was missing and he believed it was taken from his holster while he used an ATM outside a bank on Manchester Road. Deputies entered information about the gun into a national database for stolen weapons.Deputies investigated the break-in of a shed and garage on Glenmount Avenue May 28. The victim reported the person damaged the garage door, broke a lock on the shed and stole a pry bar from a cabinet in the garage.On May 29 deputies responded to a dispute between a customer and manager of a Manchester Road business and advised the Lindsay Avenue woman she was banned from the business. She left without incident.Deputies investigated noise complaints and reports that motorcycles were illegally parked at a baseball field on Daisy and Hyacinth avenues May 29. A coach agreed to move a motorcycle to the parking lot.On May 30 a student at a South Arlington Street university reported she lost her wallet May 23 and requested to view video surveillance from the parking lot, which showed a man open the door to her vehicle and enter the front seat. The victim stated the perpetrator attempted to use her bankcard to obtain a cash advance, which was denied.The owner of a South Arlington Road gas station reported May 30 a customer created a disturbance and refused requests to leave. The South Arlington Road woman was gone before deputies arrived and they contacted her to advise her she is banned from the business.

GREEN: A Sweitzer Road woman reported May 27 she received a call from a man who stated she won a sweepstakes and in order to claim the $17 million prize she had to send $10,000 in cash to an address in Texas. She packed a box with the cash and mailed it out via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies made calls to several USPS locations, contacted a U.S. postal inspector and succeeded in stopping the delivery and having the money returned to the victim. The names and phone numbers of four people who contacted the victim were referred to detectives, along with the postal inspector for an investigation.Deputies responded to a report of a person outside a South Arlington Road gas station May 27 and found the Akron man lying in the grass. He asked for a ride to Portage County and deputies transported him to a location on Interstate 76.Also on May 27, deputies responded to an alarm in a building in the 2200 block of Wise Road after someone cut a section of chain link fence, broke the locks on the doors of three businesses, pried open the doors and stole copper wiring from two buildings.A Cottage Grove Road woman reported May 28 she discovered a fraudulent withdrawal of $11,300 from her savings account.Deputies May 28 saw an SUV drive off the road and through the lawn of a business and up to the business’ sign. The driver was stopped and he told deputies his power steering had malfunctioned. Deputies observed paint dripping from the business’ sign and the same color paint on his hands. Deputies had to forcibly remove the man from the vehicle and found a can of paint inside. The Sunnyview Drive man was charged with aggravated trespassing, criminal damaging and resisting arrest and taken to the Summit County Jail.On May 28 deputies found a golden Yorkie walking down the middle of the road and returned her home.A Chenoweth Drive woman reported May 30 she loaned clothing to an Akron woman and attempted to pick it up from her but the woman refused to return it. Deputies told her it was a civil matter and advised her not to return to the Akron woman's home.Deputies are seeking three persons who threw rocks at vehicles on South Arlington Road May 30, breaking one man's windshield. Deputies received reports from several other drivers stating rocks were thrown at their vehicles, breaking a headlight on one and damaging the side of another. Witnesses described the persons as two males and a female.On May 31 deputies charged a Greenfield Road man with failure to restrain dangerous dogs after they received numerous reports of his two dogs running at large.A Honeymoon Drive man reported May 31 a Treeview Drive man told him if his dog came toward him he would shoot the dog and the man. The Treeview man stated he threatened to shoot the dog, not the owner.A Sleepy Hollow Drive resident reported two strange dogs were in the yard at 10:30 a.m. May 31. Deputies took the pit bulls, had them checked for microchips but none were found. A rescue service was unable to accept them and they were released to the county animal warden.Two residents of the 3500 block of Ridgedale Drive reported May 31 the driver of a brown vehicle turfed their yards.

LAKEMORE: Police responded to a Plaza Court home May 31 after a woman reported a neighbor was swearing at her, saying "if I catch you looking in my windows my gun is gonna go off."Police responded to a Canton Road store June 2 after an employee reported a woman placed items in a purse and left. The Robinson Avenue woman was charged with theft.Officers were called to a Lakeside Drive home June 3 after a woman reported a neighbor threw water balloons on workers painting her fence. The neighbor was charged with aggravated menacing.An Oswego Avenue woman reported to police June 5 that someone threw a rock through her kitchen window.

NEW FRANKLIN: Officers were called to a State Road home May 25 after a woman reported checks were stolen and copies were made with new names on them. She said three of the checks have been cashed near Cleveland between May 15 and May 25 and the money has not been returned to a business account.City officials reported to police May 23 two checks mailed to pay bills were reprinted out with the same check numbers but for different amounts and made payable to different subjects.Police responding to a crash May 29 on South Turkeyfoot Lake Road found a car went off the road and struck a utility pole. Officers found blood inside and the driver had left the scene. They determined a Terrace Hills Drive man had been driving at the time and located him. He had a strong odor of alcohol and was charged with OVI.An Ott Drive woman reported June 1 she received a call from an individual that said her granddaughter hit someone with her car and to be released from jail she needed $15,000. The woman went to the bank and took out $15,000. The caller told the woman someone would be parked in front of her address to get the money. The woman gave the money to a woman in a red sedan and then realized it was a scam.

SPRINGFIELD: No reports were made available by presstime.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office reports were compiled by Maggie DeMellier and the remainder were compiled by Eric Poston.