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Sarah Hyland: What’s In My Gym Bag?

May 27, 2023May 27, 2023

The actress unpacks her gym bag for us, and it's all about convenient, on-the-go staples.

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Shape / David Hattan

Warning: If you see Sarah Hyland in the gym, she's probably going to lift more weight than you.

"I like to be the girl in the gym that starts lifting weights and all the guys are like, ‘how is that little person doing that leg press right now?’" says the Modern Family star. "Weight training is my favorite thing for maintaining my overall mental health and confidence, just lifting heavy, heavy weights."

The strength-focused mentality is a way of life for the actress. "For me, I never want to lose weight, I just want to be a strong individual," explains Hyland. "I want my muscles to be as strong as my spirit."

This summer, look for Hyland on the tennis courts… or at least, wearing a tennis outfit.

"A fitness goal of mine has been to start taking tennis lessons as a way to get cardio in, and I’ve had the number of a pro in my phone for months now," says Hyland. "I have so many tennis outfits because I keep telling myself, ‘If I buy the outfits, I’ll do the workout.’" (Honestly, we’ve been there, too.)

And since Hyland's workout routine is a key part of her mental health and creative process, she needs her gym bag to be stocked with on-the-go, ultra-convenient products that can take her from the gym to set to meeting with her team at Sourse, where she's a co-founder and creative director (in fact, she helped launch the Beauty Bites and Glow Bites). Here's what else the star keeps in her gym bag.


"Spanx actually makes amazing workout leggings," shares Hyland. "They’re one of my favorite brands to wear for workouts." A self-professed "not a bright color girl," Hyland keeps her workout uniform simple — all black — and pairs her Spanx leggings with a matching Alo sports bra (like the Wellness Bra). "Look, I’m the person who sweats the most," she says unabashedly. "I have 500 towels with me at all times, because I’m sliding everywhere. I tend to strip down to whatever sports bra I’m wearing." She calls out Alo tops specifically for their amazing support.

Hyland keeps her skincare minimal pre-workout. "I don't wear makeup, because what's the point? Then you’re the person with the dirty towel in Pilates class," she points out. "My go-to is the Daily Serum by Joanna Vargas," which she pairs with Sourse Glow Bites to hydrate her skin inside and out. The Daily Serum is basically like a green juice for your skin, thanks to a benefits-packed ingredients list (think: green tea, avocado, broccoli, kale, and spinach, plus hyaluronic acid) to address dullness and dehydration.


After dabbing on the Daily Serum, Hyland gets a quick energy boost from Celsius Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear, an energy drink with 200mg of caffeine but sans sugar or sodium. "It's one of the few energy drinks that taste good," she says. "It's just the best."


Hyland swears by this drugstore staple in her gym bag. "Those take off makeup really, really well." After a workout, she swipes one across her face for a quick cleanse before she's on to the next thing. And good news: Neutrogena is currently transitioning their classic face wipes to be compostable and made of 100% plant-based cloth, so they’ll break down in 35 days. We’ll pause for a round of applause.


"Last year I was working on a project that was Monday through Friday," says Hyland. "I would wake up at 5 am, get home at 7 pm, and do an hour of training before eating dinner and going to bed." So what kept her going through those 13-hour days? "When I felt that slump, I’d eat Energy Bites from Sourse." Not only do they taste delicious (yup, #chocolate), but they offer a natural energy boost via matcha and natural L-theanine (an amino acid) sans jitters. Pro tip; Check the dosage on these. A serving size is two bites, and trust, the vegan, fair-trade chocolates are hard to put down.


Safe to say Hyland is all about convenience in her gym bag — so she always has Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes and Goodwipes feminine hygiene wipes on hand. "If you’re going out to dinner after the gym, these wipes are a really nice refresher after you change out of your gym clothes," she explains. "They’re pH-balancing, so they’re not taking away any of the stuff that's supposed to be there." The wipes also feature ingredients for delicate skin down there, like vitamin E and aloe.


"Dry shampoos are always a go-to for me — I hate washing my hair," says Hyland. (#relatable) "Living Proof has a new ‘advanced’ dry shampoo that's really great, and it doesn't seem to leave as much white residue as other dry shampoos." The dry blend of starch and minerals does double duty: It soaks up excess sweat and oil, and it's easy to massage into your hair without leaving the telltale white powder, perfect for sweaty hair post-workout.


"For girls with curly hair, the IN COMMON Magic Myst is amazing for refreshing hair and reviving my curls," gushes Hyland. "It's called Magic Myst for a reason. No matter where I go, gym or vacation, I always have at least the mini size with me." This elixir, ICYDK, is a natural leave-in conditioner and heat protectant that protects your hair from UVA/UVB rays while detangling, smoothing frizz, repairing damage, and boosting shine. Talk about a multitasker.


As we wrap up our interview, Hyland urgently interrupts to make sure we include this all-time, must-have gym bag item: the Theragun Mini. "It is so, so great," she raves. "I have sore muscles all the time that come back to haunt me, and this thing really gets them." The Mini is a small, triangular version of the classic Theragun, and it's ergonomically designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand. For someone like Hyland, who does a ton of strength training, it helps relieve muscle soreness and release tension so you can go all-out on your lifts.