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Henry County child neglect case

Aug 02, 2023Aug 02, 2023

Photo//Henry County Sheriff's Office

by: Jacob Burbrink

Posted: Mar 22, 2023 / 09:44 AM EDT

Updated: Mar 22, 2023 / 05:16 PM EDT

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. — Police have a couple in custody after finding their young son alone in an unsanitary home following a welfare check.

Court Documents filed in the case against Brandi Nicole Hall-Burton and Steve William Gosset say the charges come after the Henry County Sheriff's Department got a call from someone concerned about Gosset's wellbeing. The caller said he hadn't been to work in three days.

The document also states the last time the caller saw Gosset he, along with Hall-Burton was ‘extremely high’. The two also have a six-year-old child and a one-year-old child.

When a deputy arrived to check on the family, the document said a deputy knocked on the door before noticing it was open. After getting backup, the deputies entered the home to the strong smell of burning kerosene.

While looking in the home, the document said the deputies found bathrooms with toilets that wouldn't flush but were filled with human waste. A dog was locked in a cage in the kitchen. Deputies tried the faucets and light switches, but neither worked.

Deputies eventually found a young boy sleeping. After waking him up, the document said deputies checked to see if he was OK and asked him where his parents were. He replied that he didn't know, and said he believed his sibling was probably with his mother.

The document also said deputies found burned straws in the bedroom. Hall-Burton would later tell deputies they were used to smoke spice.

A deputy eventually pulled Gosset over, finding Hall-Burton and the other child inside the pick-up truck. The document states when Gosset got out of the truck, a small bag of suspected spice fell out.

Police arrested the couple, asking them why they left their other child alone at home without power or water. The document states Gosset told police that they had been without power or water for a day and were on their way to apply for a payment program to get power back on.

The document also says Gosset told police that he left his son alone because he gets angry when he is woken up.

Gossett faces two counts of neglect of a dependent along with a charge of possession of a controlled substance. Hall Burton faces two counts of neglect of a dependent along with a charge of possession of paraphernalia.

The children were taken into the custody of the Department of Child Services. The dog was taken into the custody of animal control.



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