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Best wheeled suitcases and travel bags for your 2023 getaway

Sep 07, 2023Sep 07, 2023

Your shopping guide to ensure a wheely good trip

ou're heading off for an exciting trip - yay!

...but your current travel bag just isn't cutting it any longer and it's time to invest in a new one. This time you'll be doing it properly, which means buying a bag that promises to withstand the over-zealous staff who throw around each suitcase like it contains nothing more than a handful of feathers.

If you're a seasoned traveller, you'll know that the the easiest way to get from A to B without looking like you've just run a marathon is to invest in a travel bag with wheels. Two wheels or four - it doesn't matter: the main thing is the ability to seamlessly glide from the terminal to your hotel without ever having to lift a finger.

But there are thousands of travel bags with wheels out there and you want to choose the right one. Before buying your next luggage companion, think about how long you'll be travelling and how much you need to pack. If you're a regular jet-setter, think about whether this specific bag investment will be your weekend warrior or your long haul travel partner. Choose a size accordingly.

Something that's especially important, if it's the latter, is looking for a travel bag made of high-quality materials like ballistic nylon, polyester or carbon fibre. The bag should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of travel, especially if you'll be using it often.

Arguably the most crucial part? The bag's wheels: Look for a bag with sturdy and smooth-rolling wheels that are large enough to easily manoeuvre over different terrains like carpets, concrete and gravel. Two wheels is good, four wheels is better.

Look for a bag with multiple compartments to keep your belongings in order. Some bags come with exterior and interior pockets, which are useful for storing items like passports, tickets and travel documents as well as separating clothes into clean and dirty piles or, if you're really organised, setting out your daily outfits.

We've rounded up all of the best travel bags with wheels.

Tripp marries together two essentials: it produces great quality bags in a variety of stylish finishes and it does so without costing you a fortune. This Tripp Black ‘Ultra Lite’ Medium Clam Shell Duffle is a little more versatile than your standard travel bag thanks to its duffle-like nature that allows for a few more items thrown in at last minute. With two wheels and a polyester finish, it makes jet-setting a breeze no matter where you’re heading. It's also a great lightweight option, making it easy to adhere to airline weight restrictions.

It's hard to beat Samsonite if you’re someone who travels regularly and the brand's Proxis 4-Wheel 55cm Expandable Cabin Case is a top choice for effortlessly carrying your belongings from A to B to C and then back again to A. The Proxis suitcase is a globetrotter's dream, with a hidden section that expands to provide extra storage space, a TSA-approved lock for security, and four double wheels to ensure easy movement. Lightweight, and fitted with two carry handles, it's also easily portable.

travelite's bags come in a range of bright colours, making them a top choice for instantly spotting on the baggage carousel and wasting no time before heading off to your next destination. The brand's Basics Fresh Travel Bag with Wheels won't usually set you back more than £50 either, which means more money reserved for holiday souvenirs and other fun experiences. Despite its low price, this is a bag that promises to withstand a bit of wear and tear.

The Lifeventure Expedition Duffle Bag might look like an oversized bag but, when it's not in use, it can easily be folded away. Think of it as something akin to Mary Poppins’ bag, travel edition. One of the best wheeled travel bags no matter where you’re going, this Lifeventure Expedition Duffle Bag features two large and robust, smooth-rolling wheels to make this rolling duffle bag easy to handle and manoeuvre when you’ve accidentally overpacked.

Bon Goût's Large Wheely Travel Duffel Bag is perfect for short or long breaks due to its ability to expand. This wheeled holdall is easy and convenient to use. It's an excellent alternative to a bulky suitcase, while also allowing a little extra room thanks to its soft-rimmed nature.

Another budget friendly option, it's lightweight but durable, featuring an aluminium frame with telescopic push button handle. There's also padded carry handles and an additional grab handle at the top of the bag to allow for easy handling when it's not being wheeled.

Eastpak makes a huge range of backpacks and, if you’re looking for a durable bag that promises to outlive many of your holiday memories, this is the brand to opt for. The Double Tranverz two-wheel large woven suitcase is a fusion of a duffle bag and suitcase, with a soft yet durable shell that promises to fit all of your clothes and possibly even the kitchen sink, too. It features a handle at the top and side, a telescopic handle at the top, a TSA lock with three-digit combination, two zip pockets and two wheels.

The American Tourister Airconic 77cm 4-Wheel Large Suitcase has a hard shell, which means it's among the best for keeping your belongings packed tightly inside without any unexpected damage on arrival. Constructed from a resistant polypropylene outer shell that can handle the rigours of any corner of the world you’re visiting, the double 4-wheeled design gives you extra rolling comfort through the terminal.

Tumi's Tall 4 wheeled duffle packing case might not be the most budget-friendly suitcase around. But this holiday-ready bag is one of the finest if security and durability are two of your priorities when it comes to choosing a new travel partner. This oversized case is also one of the largest around, making it a great choice for long haul travel.

The Alpha 3 four-wheel duffle bag is made from FXT ballistic nylon and is fitted with bumper rails. Inside, you’ll also find five individual sections - perfect for differentiating between clean and dirty clothes.

If you’re not fussed about a bag with all the bells and whistles and just need something sturdy with wheels attached, Argos’ Large Grey Wheeled Holdall is a great choice. This spacious bag opens like a traditional bag, making it a better choice for unpacking and taking out just one specific item rather than aimlessly rooting around inside an expansive duffle that only opens from the top.

Featuring two wheels and a retractable tow handle, this holdall is perfect for carrying your belongings through an endless stream of airports. It's made from durable, splash-proof material.

Away will forever be one of the best brands around when it comes to luggage and the brand's limited edition colours definitely add something special to the travel industry. They’re also famed for being some of the sturdiest and come with a range of extra features that you’ll soon grow to appreciate as an essential rather than a luxury.

The Bigger Carry-On has a high-shine, eye-catching blue-green gradient on a durable polycarbonate shell and includes a matching luggage tag. Its 360° spinner wheels ensure a smooth ride, while the interior compression system and water-resistant laundry bag make it easy to pack it all in. It is available in a range of colours.


You'll want a travel bag that withstands damage, squeezes in all of the essentials (and more) and looks good at the same time. Our top choice is Tripp's Black 'Ultra Lite' Medium Clam Shell Duffle for ticking all of the boxes. Happy travels!

Verdict Tripp's Black 'Ultra Lite' Medium Clam Shell Duffle