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23 Quirky Math Activity For Kindergarteners

Jun 28, 2023Jun 28, 2023

June 7, 2023 // by Lauren Du Plessis

Let's make math exciting and engaging for your little learners! With the help of our 23 unique activities, you’ll be able to help your littles develop essential math skills while having a blast. We’ve covered everything from basic number concepts to shape and pattern recognition. So, without further adieu, let's get the party started with a number hunt!

This activity helps reinforce number recognition and counting skills. Get your students excited about numbers with a fun number hunt activity. Hide number cards around the classroom or outdoor area, and let the children search for them. As they find each number, encourage them to identify and count it.

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Switching things up slightly from the above activity, why not take your students on a shape scavenger hunt? Give them a list of shapes, such as squares, circles, and triangles, and let them have it. They can search for shapes in the classroom, playground, or even during a nature walk.

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This is the perfect task for tactile learners! Engage your students in hands-on learning by providing manipulatives like counting bears or linking cubes. Encourage them to count and sort the manipulatives; reinforcing one-to-one correspondence and basic counting skills. You can also introduce concepts like more, less, and equal while they play.

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Time to get creative with patterns! Provide colorful materials like beads, buttons, or blocks, and encourage your students to create their own patterns. They can make simple AB patterns or more complex ones like ABC or AABB. This develops pattern recognition and critical thinking skills, and bonus- assists you in getting some extra alphabet practice in too!

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Introduce basic measurement with this fun activity! Take your students on a measurement adventure around the school or playground. Provide them with rulers or non-standard measuring tools like paper clips and prompt them to measure objects they find and compare their lengths.

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Turn a simple walk into a counting adventure! This activity reinforces counting skills in a real-world context and helps children develop their observational skills. Ask your students to count various objects they encounter during the walk, such as trees, birds, or cars.

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Introduce your students to the exciting world of coins with a money match-up. Create cards with pictures of coins and corresponding values. Challenge your students to match the coins to their values; promoting coin recognition and early understanding of money.

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Let's sort some shapes! Provide a variety of shape cutouts and ask your students to sort them into different categories based on attributes like color, size, or shape type. In doing so, you’re enhancing their shape recognition and developing their critical thinking skills.

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Want to strengthen number sense and basic addition skills? Whip out the dominoes for a fun math game! Encourage your students to explore patterns and practice counting by playing with dominoes. They can match the dots, add the numbers, or create their own domino trains.

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Introduce your little learners to the world of data representation. Provide strips of paper and ask your students to practice making tally marks for different numbers. They can tally up objects in the classroom or even tally up their classmates’ favorite snacks.

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Transform learning numbers into a playful game of hopscotch! Create a number line on the classroom floor or playground, and have your students jump on the numbers while counting aloud. This activity enhances number recognition, counting, and gross motor skills.

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Introduce basic concepts of time with a fun activity. Use a large cardboard clock and move the hands to different times. Ask your students to identify the time and draw corresponding activities on paper clocks.

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Bring out the ten frames for some counting fun! Provide ten frames and counters for your students to practice counting and representing numbers. They can fill the frames with counters and explore different ways to make a given number.

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Engage your students in a bout of number bonds exploration. Provide number bond mats and counters, and ask your students to find different ways to create a given number. They can explore different combinations and build their understanding of number relationships.

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Enhance shape recognition, problem-solving, and fine motor skills with the assistance of shape puzzles. Create simple shape puzzles using cardboard or foam, and ask your students to match the pieces to complete each shape.

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Make addition and subtraction exciting by incorporating dice! Provide a few dice and ask your students to roll them, add the numbers together, and write the sum. They can also subtract by rolling two die and subtracting the smaller number from the larger one.

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Gear up for a number race like never before! Create a number path with numbers written on squares or use a large number line. Give each student a token or a small toy and ask them to move forward by rolling a die and counting the number of spaces. This activity reinforces number recognition, counting, and one-to-one correspondence.

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Unleash your students’ creativity with playdough shape creation. Provide playdough in various colors and ask your students to mold different shapes using their hands or shape cutters.

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Let's dive into some hands-on sorting fun with buttons! Provide an array of buttons in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Ask your students to sort the buttons based on specific attributes, such as shape or color. They can use sorting mats or create their own sorting criteria.

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Create a measurement sensory bin to engage tactile students. Begin by filling a large container with materials like rice, sand, or beans. Then, hide objects of different lengths or sizes within the bin and provide rulers or non-standard measuring tools. Challenge your students to find objects and measure their length or height.

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Let's embark on a counting adventure with our adorable caterpillar friends! Cut out a series of circles in different colors to represent caterpillar body segments. Number each segment and ask your students to connect the segments in numerical order to create their caterpillars. To reinforce number sequencing and counting skills even further, have your learners count aloud as they assemble their caterpillars.

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Invite your students to participate in a shape-guessing game that sparks their curiosity. This activity is sure to sharpen their shape recognition and descriptive language skills. Prepare a bag filled with various shaped objects. Have each student take turns reaching into the bag, feeling an object without looking, and then guessing its shape. They can describe the shape using clues like the number of sides or the presence of curves.

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Combine math and movement with a lively number line dance! Create a number line on the floor using tape or markers. Assign each student a number, and play some energetic music. As the music plays, your students must dance, hop, or skip to their assigned numbers on the number line.

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