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Have a Great Weekend.

Aug 08, 2023Aug 08, 2023

What are you up to this weekend? Anton's school has a block party tonight, so we’re going for hot dogs and bouncy castles. And tomorrow we might have a lemonade stand. Quick question: the other day, a kid in Brooklyn was selling small cups for $2.50 each (reader, I bought one), but the going rate is still around 50 cents, right? Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

What's your favorite dessert? Mine is chocolate mousse.

Ooooh, looooove these pajamas.

How to have dinner with your parents without diagnosing them with something, haha.

Iceland is a magnet for tourists. "They say if you want to meet a Brit, go to a pub; if you want to meet a French person, go to a cafe. And definitely here in Iceland, you go to a swimming pool, because that's where you can meet people — morning, afternoon or evening… they’re clean and affordable, and it's something that all the locals do." (NYTimes gift link)

Plus, what it's like to parent in Iceland.

This nail color has a cult following. (Gemma was wearing it last night.)

Conversations with NYC ladies in an elevator.

Wouldn't you love to hang with Julia Louis Dreyfus? An interview about improvising in the new movie You Hurt My Feelings: "That scene in which our son…has come home to say that he's just broken up with his girlfriend, and then he goes stomping off to his room and he's lying in bed. And I come in there and try to comfort him, and it doesn't go well. He's being…maybe petulant isn't quite the right word, but he and I are not in sync, as often is the case between parent and child, right? I had an idea of how to end the scene: He should stop me on my way out and ask me if we had bagels in the house. I thought it would be a funny way to end the scene, and it would also be a window into the dynamic between this mother and son, the nurturing dynamic between the two of them, a kind of codependency that's certainly in place. That's just one line or two lines, but it did button the scene, so that was fun." (Harper's Bazaar)

This font is so hard to read!

God, I’m a sucker for mustaches. (NYTimes gift link)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Ruth on four New York City Hall weddings: "When we were planning our wedding, I was proud of us for being able to use meaning as a guide for decision-making. The result was a perfect-for-us mix of people, beautiful outfits, the outdoors, and a bounty of food to honor our food-focused cultures, but also a relaxed vibe. Years later, friends — including grown-ups — still talk about the nap break we built into everyone's day."

Says Samantha on what sunglasses do you wear: "I really like Goodr sunglasses. They’re cheap enough to not stress if you lose them, but high enough quality to protect your eyes and last a long time. Plus, the colors and names are so fun. I have Flamingos on a Booze Cruise!"

Says Anna on my mom's house in Michigan: "Gingham sheets, cheese for dinner, and grandchildren who love and are loved in return. I wish this for us all."

(Photo by Kayla Johnson/Stocksy.)

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