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Geeky Lifestyle Brand BoxLunch Brings Exclusive Indiana Jones Pop

Mar 08, 2023Mar 08, 2023

When Indiana Jones went searching for rare items, he found himself in the Well of Souls or the Temple of Kali. Austinites will only have to brave the parking at Barton Creek Square this weekend for a chance to get their hands on the new BoxLunch exclusive merch for the rugged archeologist, all with a special new photo op.

To mark the event, this weekend (June 3-4) there will be a special two-day opening event featuring live music, door prizes, and discount codes for 25% off all in-store prizes. Plus, best of all, it means an opportunity to snag some of the BoxLunch exclusive merch ahead of the release of the fifth adventure in the movie series that began as George Lucas' tribute to classic serials and returns on June 30 with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, with Harrison Ford back as the more-crumpled-than-ever Doctor Jones.

BoxLunch Marketing Manager Brittany Curl-Medina explained, "We're all about pop culture and philanthropy and fandom at BoxLunch." Hold on, philanthropy? Yes, that would be BoxLunch Gives, their longstanding partnership with Feeding America: For every $10 spent in one of their 220 stores or online, BoxLunch provides the value of one meal to a local food bank. Since the company was founded in 2015, that's now over 165 million meals provided. "That's why we're called BoxLunch," Curl-Medina said. "We are not a sandwich shop, and we are not a lunchbox shop."

However, they do stock bags, including an exclusive Our Universe mini-backpack based on the pre-credits temple sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which Curl-Medina said was her favorite part of the new Indiana Jones collection. "It has a little boulder coin purse," she said, "and it's so darn cute." It's just one of the 20 pieces in the collection, which includes shirts, pins, and a replica of the headpiece of the Staff of Ra. "There's even an infant onesie for the babies."

As for the photo op, the Austin store has always been a favorite for Instagramable moments, due to it being the biggest BoxLunch site with the greatest area of floor space. Fans came back time and again to get their photos taken with props and backgrounds for Stranger Things, or to push a shopping cart around a Sanrio supermarket. For Dial of Destiny, BoxLunch has teamed with Lucasfilm to create a new, immersive environment. They're being suitably secretive about which part of the Indiana Jones lore they'll be recreating this time, but let's just say that there may well be a river view over some local wildlife. So start practicing your best Wilhelm Scream now ...

The BoxLunch x Indiana Jones pop-up runs June 3 to August 2 at Barton Creek Square, 2901 S. Capital of Texas, #K06.