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Emma Chamberlain Swears by This $50 Utilitarian Backpack

Jun 10, 2023Jun 10, 2023

By Kara Nesvig

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When you're as busy as Emma Chamberlain, you need a backpack that can handle everything your schedule throws at you, namely many, many, many flights. Chamberlain knows a thing or two about luggage that lasts, and her favorite backpack is an affordable (and ultra-durable) piece that can take you from a day of hiking to a beach trip.

The content creator shared some of her shopping must-haves with Glamour, and the beloved workwear brand made the list as Chamberlain's go-to bag brand for hauling her camera equipment around the world. "I also love a Carhartt backpack and Carhartt camera bag for all my big equipment. They're the best," she explains. "They're truly utilitarian to a T, and they have everything you need." (She also loves Carhartt's workwear, as evidenced on her IG.)

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Chamberlain may wear Miu Miu on the red carpet at the Met Gala, but she's down with the more utilitarian workwear structure of the Carhartt bag. "I actually like the sort of working vibe of them. They're very straight to the point, look cool enough, and get the job done," she shares. While she did not share exactly which model she uses with Glamour, she did spill the beans in a 2022 episode of her anything goes podcast, and all signs point to Carhartt's 25L Classic Backpack, which costs just under $50.

"Carhartt makes the best backpacks," Chamberlain shared at the time. "I'm obsessed with their backpacks. I got one for 50 bucks, which is pretty good for a backpack because they can be pricey for some reason. It was 50 bucks, it's just a brown canvas color, it's super neutral, it goes well with anything, and it's extremely functional." (Her other luggage pick is at the opposite end of the price spectrum; Chamberlain treated herself to a pricey Rimowa carry-on bag for her 22nd birthday.)

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The rest of Chamberlain's picks are a similar balance of splurge-worthy and affordable. Her favorite shoes are the Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Penny Loafers, a classic loafer on a chunky platform that rings up at about $165, and she reveals that she has a stash of '90s deadstock sunglasses from Depop that she paid about $15 a piece for.

Her top skin care picks come from Lancôme (she's an ambassador for the French makeup brand), and like the rest of the world, she's obsessed with Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Firmeza Firming & Debloating Oil in part because of its scent. "I love using that after the shower because it just smells so good. And that just sets me up for success, even if I don't spray a fragrance," she shares. (Her fragrance of choice is a definite splurge: the ubiquitous Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540.)

If you're packing for a trip of your own, take a cue from Chamberlain and grab a backpack made to last — and hold all your fave stuff.