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Quota receives Iosco County Community Foundation grant

Jun 18, 2023Jun 18, 2023

EAST TAWAS – The Quota Club of Iosco County Charitable Foundation (QCICCF) has received a $2,900 grant from the Iosco County Community Foundation, to kick off the Quota Cares Suitcase Project.

Nina O’Loughlin, member of the Quota Board of Directors, indicated that the main goal of the Quota Cares Suitcase project is to provide age appropriate suitcases which contain clothing, personal care and comfort items to children who are taken out of their home environment by social service and/or law enforcement agencies. Many of these children leave their homes quite abruptly – and typically, if they are able to take any belongings, the items are put into a trash bag.

QCICCF aims to end the "trash bag" situation, and the stigma associated with same, while providing essentials for a child's first few days in foster care. These items, while providing comfort, also communicate the importance of self-care and self-worth. Each case will also include a toy or book/journal, which will provide a healthy distraction and will intuitively teach stress management.

The plan is to have these cases on hand and easily available to local social service organizations. The cases will be age appropriate and, when applicable, will be gender specific to provide appropriate hygiene products.

The cases will also be made available for victims of domestic violence who are forced to quickly take shelter along with their children, as well as children in families displaced due to disaster or other situations.

Additionally, QCICCF would like to provide duffle bags that, when folded, are quite compact. However, they also expand to allow for that "quick grab" of personal items when leaving the home, rather than using a trash bag.

QCICCF's goal is for every social worker and law enforcement office in the county to have access to these duffle bags.

QCICCF is always looking for additional members to aid in their mission. Those who are interested in learning more about the QCICCF can do so by visiting, or by contacting Membership Chairwoman Yvonne Babe at either [email protected] or 989-254-3049.

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